Landis+Gyr signs contract with South East Water to supply smart water meters

Landis+Gyr at a trade event

Landis+Gyr has signed a contract with Melbourne-based utility South East Water to provide 35,000 smart water meters integrated with the utility’s network leak detection sensor, Sotto.

South East Water has been trialing smart water meters across metropolitan Melbourne to detect both network and customer leaks. There are already 5,000 of Landis+Gyr’s W350 ultrasonic and NB-IoT meters, integrated with leak detection sensors, installed across South East Water’s network as part of its digital utility program.

The additional 35,000 Landis+Gyr’s meters integrated with sensors will provide insights into how faults can be managed efficiently and will help validate key assumptions around how we can improve network operations and maintenance.

“They will also provide great benefits to our customers, who will have access to their usage data and be alerted to any internal leaks in near real-time,” said Andrew Forster-Knight, South East Water General Manager, Digital Utilities.

Landis+Gyr’s W350 ultrasonic and NB-IoT water meter integrated with network leak detection sensor, provide high accuracy throughout the meter life and near real-time data to help utilities optimize their network assets efficiently – while ensuring reliable service to customers.

Combined with embedded NB-IoT communications, known for its low power consumption with wide coverage and reliability in underground locations and high-rise buildings, W350 increases the overall value of the business case for utilities, said Rodney Chaplin, General Manager of ANZ, Landis+Gyr, in a statement.