NEC Energy installs 2.4-MW grid storage solution for SCE in Orange

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NEC Energy Solutions has installed a 2.4MW Grid Storage Solution (GSS) in Orange, California.

The GSS, which can discharge at the rate of 3.9MWh, has been installed at a facility of the utility Southern California Edison (SCE). It is the first such system that SCE has adopted to support its distribution grid, the company has reported in a statement.

NEC Energy further claims it has installed and commissioned the device, which is expected to give circuit loading relief to the grid, in about seven weeks from delivery of the first energy storage equipment to the site.

And the company installed the system in a custom enclosure to suit the requirements of the site as a departure from its standard shipping container set-up, the statement added.

In May, NEC Energy had introduced its next‐generation SLD technology available for its GSS platform. The company said the technology, based on lithium‐ion cells employed manganese oxide chemistry. Also, it was optimized for energy storage applications from one to four hours in duration.

The company said in a statement that the new technology was available for 30 percent lower cost than its existing technology and would be available in the market from the first quarter of 2016.

Installed in container farms or buildings, the SLD systems can provide up to 140MWh of energy storage — with power conversion, controls, and thermal management systems — per acre, the statement added.

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