NetComm Wireless in pact with Grid Net to deliver 3G smart grid communication cards

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NetComm Wireless in pact with Grid Net to deliver 3G smart grid communication cards

Greentech Lead Australia: NetComm Wireless, a developer
of wireless products, has entered into a strategic alliance with Grid Net,
a wireless smart grid software company, to deliver 3G connectivity to smart
grid devices worldwide.

As per the agreement NetComm Wireless will design,
develop and manufacture Grid Net-enabled 3G wireless communications cards for
the global smart grid market. The alliance will initially market Grid
Net-enabled communications cards in Australia and plan to expand to North
America and the European Union markets in near future.  

“Grid Net has proven the unparalleled flexibility,
scalability, and strict security of our wireless smart grid software platform.
This partnership with NetComm Wireless, truly the best-in-class developer of
wireless data communication products, accelerates our ability to deliver
innovative smart grid solutions worldwide. We are thrilled to have NetComm
Wireless on our side,” said John W. Combs, CEO and chairman of Grid Net.

NetComm Wireless has plans to foster strategic
partnerships with wireless industry leaders to address the massive global
demand for wireless M2M communications in areas such as utilities, transport,
security, surveillance, banking, health, transport and mining.

“With the worldwide market fast moving toward
wireless smart grids, we see a tremendous upside in aligning our wireless M2M
expertise with Grid Net’s cutting-edge wireless smart grid software platform,
and expect the market will as well. Our collaboration with Grid Net will
provide the global utilities industry with remarkable new opportunities as they
position themselves for mass-scale adoption,” said David Stewart,
president and CEO, NetComm Wireless.

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