NISC awarded DOE contract to deploy Green Button initiative

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NISC awarded DOE contract to deploy Green Button initiative

Greentech Lead America: National Information Solutions
Cooperative (NISC), national software and IT cooperative, has been awarded a
grant by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to deploy a “Green
Button” solution.

Green Button is the DOE initiative designed to provide
advanced technology that gives consumers convenient, computer-friendly access
to their energy use information so they can better manage power consumption.

NISC, in partnership with Sawnee Electric Membership
Corporation of Cumming, Ga., and Kootenai Electric Cooperative (KEC)
of Hayden, Idaho, will address the project’s key goals of helping
consumers better manage electricity use, and learning the best ways to develop,
deploy and promote Green Button technology.

The project partners will also explore how to make the
solution available to other electric utilities and the ten million households
that NISC serves.

NISC will focus its Green Button efforts on its SmartHub
platform, an integrated software solution that lets utilities offer consumers
usage data, real time alerts, secure payments and a communications link to the
utility through a website and iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

NISC’s SmartHub will use MultiSpeak to interface with the
Green Button standard. MultiSpeak is the software standard widely used by
electric cooperatives and developed by the National Rural Electric Cooperative
Association (NRECA) and its research arm, the Cooperative Research Network

Michael A. Goodroe, CEO of Sawnee EMC, said, “Our members
want to use their energy dollars wisely and by providing them this data through
their smart devices, we know they will.”

“Our combined efforts will benefit our members and
will give us Green Button experience that will be incorporated into our
SmartHub platform,” said NISC’s CEO Vern Dosch. “We look forward to
sharing project information, implementation, consumer education lessons and
best practices.”

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