OutBack Power announces grid/hybrid solar electric systems

OutBack Power Technologies, manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy will display its latest Grid/Hybrid photovoltaic (PV) systems at the NECA Show, from Sep 27th to 30th held in Chicago.

OutBack Power delivers solar technologies and provides solar upgrade opportunities for contractors, so that they can be a part of the industry without installing new solar panels on customer rooftops, made possible with its award-winning Radian family of inverters.

With energy storage systems connected, solar users can store the surplus energy they create and use it when energy prices are high, on cloudy days or during an outage.

Energy insecurity plus changes in utility and government incentive policies means that smart, hybrid systems with energy storage capabilities is a long-term, fast-growth area, said, Harvey Wilkinson, general manager, OutBack Power.

This installed market presents a promising upgrade opportunity for Grid/Hybrid technology and is a great point of entry into the solar business for electricians. Solar-equipped homes in the U.S. equal greater than 8,000 megawatts of installed solar electric capacity, added Wilkinson.

OutBack’s unique proven technology is behind AC-coupling package adds smart-grid and electricity storage capabilities to any PV/solar electric system without requiring solar panel work.


The electrician upgrades the existing solar electric system with a second, smarter inverter/charger and a battery bank for energy storage. All the work is done near the electrical panel, integrating the AC-coupling upgrade into the existing system, said, Mark Cerasuolo, director, marketing and training.

OutBack consist of a UL-1741-compliant, end-to-end solution with power conversion components, batteries and storage rack, from a single brand, making easier for system design and technical support.

Mostly, these systems are preferred by fault-intolerant users because of their reliability, durability and proven performance. Backed by NABCEP accredited Certificate Training Program, the electrical contractors can tie up with the OutBack Power brand.

Its OPTICS-RE monitoring and control application allows remotely monitor system operation, performance and output as well as the energy storage system meets critical UL-1741 requirements.

Moreover, the batteries are maintenance-free, using advanced absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology with valve-release lead-acid (VRLA) design. High-density chemistry delivers up to 80 percent greater shelf life and its OnSite Direct battery program guarantees fresh batteries shipped to jobsites when needed.

Contractors can install value-adding energy storage capability to any solar/PV system with its FlexCoupled technology without climbing on the roof and they can offer complete PV/solar services including power conversion, control and storage technology.

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