Petra Solar, National Oil and Gas, BAPCO and Caspian Energy announce 5 MW smart solar energy project

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Petra Solar, National Oil and Gas, BAPCO and Caspian Energy announce 5 MW smart solar energy project

Greentech Lead Middle East: Petra Solar, The National Oil
and Gas Authority (NOGA), The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) and Caspian
Energy Holdings announced their 5 MW distributed smart solar energy project.

The new project will bring solar and smart grid benefits
to the BAPCO township of Awali, the University of Bahrain and other locations
in Bahrain.

The project will leverage smart solar technology
developed in the U.S. by Petra Solar to generate electricity.

The project will solve the challenges of energy security,
climate change, and economic development through global partnerships and

The Smart solar initiative couples solar with smart grid
technology. The project will be deployed in association with utility companies
to generate clean, safe renewable energy while making the electric
infrastructure more stable, efficient and energy independent.

This approach builds large scale solar in a reliable
fashion that avoids future costs of rebuilding the grid.

“Following a successful implementation of this pilot
project we expect that other projects will follow in the near future. Through
forming strategic alliances with technologically advanced partners, NOGA aims
to diversify the energy supply sources that will help achieve the goals of
Bahrain Vision 2030,” said Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza – minister of Energy,
chairman of The National Oil and Gas Authority.

“The landscape of Awali will be changed by this
initiative; but more than the landscape, the operating philosophy of BAPCO
which relied totally on fossil fuels for generating its electricity, will also
change as a result of this project. Through this step BAPCO reinforces its
image as a responsible corporate citizen that cares for the environment and the
community we live in,” said Gordon Smith, chief executive, The Bahrain
Petroleum Company.

“Solar power and a stable electric grid are critical
elements to Bahrain developing economic and energy security,” said Shihab
Kuran, president and CEO of Petra Solar.

“The Middle East has for some time evaluated the
integration of solar energy for reduction of reliance on non-renewable energy
sources,” said Marty Youssefiani, CEO of Caspian Energy Holdings.

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