Princeton Power to supply inverters to Green Charge Networks

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Princeton Power to supply inverters to Green Charge Networks

Greentech Lead America: Princeton Power Systems (PPS), a
provider of power conversion products and alternative energy systems, will
supply inverters to Green Charge Networks (GCN), a provider of smart grid and
energy storage technology, for the $95 million Smart Grid Demonstration Project
for the U.S. Department of Energy.

The multi-year demonstration project is being led by New
York’s Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) an investor-owned energy companies.

The project aims to identify, develop and test new
technologies within the electric delivery system that will help build a smart,
more efficient grid, including the integration of smart grid architecture and
measuring the effects of widespread electric vehicle adoption on the electric grid.

GCN will install and operate a network of Smart Storage
and Generation Units in the NYC distribution grid that communicates directly
with Con Edison.

PPS will supply its 100kW Grid-tied Inverters (GTIB’s)
and Demand Response Inverters (DRI) for the GreenStations. The PPS inverters
will function as the interface between the electric grid and the lithium-ion
battery system, allowing for smooth transition of power and support to the
smart grid.  

“Partnering with PPS on the inverters allows us to fully
focus our engineering manpower on the integration of sub-systems with our
proprietary software and technology. GCN goes to great lengths to ensure that
GreenStations use components that improve safety, cost, performance and
reliability. That is precisely what PPS brings to the table in terms of
inverters,” said Phil Gow, vice president of engineering, GCN.  

“GCN GreenStations provide crucial grid services and
enable efficient vehicle charging and our inverters provide the critical link
between the batteries, communication interfaces, charging equipment, and the
electric grid, making smooth transitions and grid-interactive services
possible,” said Darren Hammell, COO & executive vice president, PPS.

Last year, PPS launched its bi-directional high-voltage DC
Transformer, a new technology used for transmission and distribution

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