Sensus develops Generation 4 smart meters

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Sensus has launched their generation 4 smart meters in the smart meter sector.
The Sensus meters enable utilities use data to analyze and control their infrastructure to balance supply and demand, restore service after outages and encourage customers to get involved in electricity conservation.

Communications technology and data analytics are key factors for customers. The technology was evolved to provide customers with the features of the smart grid, stated, Randy Bays, president, Sensus.

The company offers two versions, A and B. 4-A can be used without upgraded software for communications network, which is appropriate for older versions of the Regional Network Interface (RNI).

4-B meters are intended for customers with new RNI versions, coming with a meter opt-out capability.

Opting-out feature is a good option as customers may opt back in case they changed their minds later. The 4B meter also includes four channels of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C12.19 load profile data that allows multiple time-of-use rate structures.


Besides, both versions can leverage the point-to-multipoint FlexNetTM communication system capable of retrieving volumes of data from any meter.

In addition to improving the data used for billing, utilities can use information to assist with transformer optimization and integrating distributed generation.

All of the company’s new meters meet safety standards. Both versions of this meters are equipped with a high temperature detection technology along with an automatic disconnect that enables utilities to get real-time notification on heating. The design also helps to prevent water from getting into the meters.

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