Smart grid investment will continue to rise in 2012

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Smart grid investment will continue to rise in 2012

By Greentech Lead Team: Eight out of ten executives
believe utility smart grid investment will continue to rise in 2012

Almost 9 out of 10 executives believe that federal
government support (grants, loans or subsidies) are very important to the
development of the smart grid.

8 out of 10 executives believe overall utility smart grid
investments will continue to rise in 2012.

With Duke Energy having allocated $1 billion for U.S.
deployment efforts with other utilities such as PG&E, and South California
serving up major multi-million dollar investments, the overall U.S. smart grid
value chain is more than optimistic for long term growth industry segments such
as energy storage, cyber security, network management software, and analytics
will be key growth areas for 2012/13.

AMI (60 percent), access/communication networks (43 percent), EVs (42 percent),
and transmission/distribution automation (41 percent) rounded off smart grid
technologies that executives believe will make the most immediate impact in
2012, according to a new INFOgraphic by Zpryme, Smart Grid Executive Survey

“One of the major challenges facing tech
conglomerates today is how to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for the
next generation grid with a solid branding strategy. This survey builds on the
knowledge base developed in earlier Zpryme white papers and reports to nurture
a grander understanding of what executives across the smart grid value chain
expect in 2012, shedding light on important questions facing the utility
industry in developing the future smart grid,” said Jason S. Rodriguez,
Zpryme CEO and Director of Research.

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