Smart grid provider S&C Electric Company unveils latest IntelliTeam VV volt-var optimization system

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Smart grid provider S&C Electric Company unveils latest IntelliTeam VV volt-var optimization system

S&C Electric Company, a provider of smart grid
solutions, has announced the latest generation of its IntelliTeam VV Volt-Var
Optimization System.

The new intelliTeam VV can work with a broader range of
equipment, ultimately helping utilities realize more system-wide energy
efficiency improvements.

In addition, the enhanced platform now supports 240-volt
systems, which are used in Europe and Australia.

“Precise control capabilities are essential for
maximizing the energy efficiency improvements that can be realized through a
volt-var optimization solution,” said Chris McCarthy, director
–Automation Systems, S&C. “IntelliTeam VV  offers real-time
control and works seamlessly with automatic reconfiguration systems, making it
an effective solution to improving grid performance.”

The new software supports multiple levels of line
regulation, and allows utilities to control them independent of one another.
This gives grid operators more precise voltage control for an even higher level
of power quality, and makes it possible to achieve greater reductions in peak
demand and energy usage.

With S&C’s volt-var optimization system utilities can
increase overall energy efficiency by improving power factor and reducing
voltage across the distribution system. S&C’s IntelliTeam VV also enables
Conservation Voltage Reduction, which allows utilities to lower voltage levels
at the end user–eliminating the waste associated with running system voltage
conservatively high –while still meeting power quality requirements.

By maintaining a narrower voltage operating range,
IntelliTeam VV already gives utilities more precise voltage control. It also
ensures that feeder voltage remains within specified limits. Further the new
software release also gives greater control over how utilities can configure
their systems.

The new features allow utilities to create voltage zones
where multiple grid devices can be grouped as an independently configurable
zone, as well as voltage buffers that are configurable for automatic
calculation and adjustment.

Additionally, the software now offers reporting on communication
devices, alerting utility personnel to equipment issues that could impact
performance of a volt-var optimization system.

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