SmartSide taps AdaCore’s Ada and GNAT Pro for Smart Devices Platform

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SmartSide taps AdaCore's Ada and GNAT Pro for Smart Devices Platform

By Greenech Lead Europe: AdaCore, a provider of
commercial software solutions for Ada, a programming language designed for
large, long-lived applications, announced that SmartSide, a provider of smart
metering and smart grid management solutions, has adopted the Ada programming
language and AdaCore’s GNAT Pro development environment for the implementation
of their Smart Devices platform.

SmartSide has selected GNAT Pro and the Ada programming
language because of their long and successful track record in the aerospace and
defense industries, where high levels of reliability are critical. AdaCore’s
product roadmap is particularly well-suited to SmartSide, with tools and
language evolution focused on reliability.


“In our relentless search for quality and
performance, Ada has come up as the most efficient technology for writing
reliable, secure and scalable code that is also easily maintainable. GNAT Pro
is our framework of choice for writing Ada code. Its all-in-one development
environment allows us to handle activities ranging from initial development to
static analysis and testing,” said David Dhenaux, SmartSide CTO.

The infrastructure of the Smart
Devices platform is designed to be scalable, reliable and fault resistant.
The system consists of two primary components, the generic core and the user

The generic core acts as the intelligence of the system
and performs the major work (data collection, processing, analysis). This part
of the system is sufficiently generic and configurable to process all kinds of
energy and environmental data.

The user interfaces are separate from the core, are very
flexible and easy to adapt. They are easily configurable to reflect specific
business needs.

“SmartSide’s diligence in searching for an
appropriate programming language led them to Ada, which is especially pleasing.
Ada has made a name for itself as a language for programming reliable, safe and
secure systems. With the advent of Ada 2012 and the new features it introduces,
it has become the benchmark for the development of these systems,” said
Jamie Ayre, marketing director of AdaCore Europe.

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