SPARQ Systems launches new microinverter product line

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SPARQ Systems launches new microinverter product line

Greentech Lead America: SPARQ Systems, a global enabler
of integrated AC modules, has launched its advanced Smart Grid-ready
microinverter. The all-in-one product is auto-configurable to any jurisdiction

SPARQ boasts it is the only product on the market
compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz power frequency and is Smart Grid-ready.

SPARQ microinverters enable
utility operators to control reactive power, leading to greater grid
reliability and reducing brown-outs. The product provides industry and
homeowners with lighter, more efficient and more economically prized solutions
for harvesting maximum solar power.

Powered by advanced digital control software, SPARQ’s
innovative approach eliminates electrolytic capacitors and optical isolators
and uses fewer energy conversion stages. This allows SPARQ to deliver the
smallest, most flexible and most reliable microinverter with enhanced energy
harvest and with the ability to reduce costs to the lowest of any microinverter
technology on the market.

“With our unique software-based design, we’ve
created a product that is ready for the future, right now. It gives us the
ability to reconfigure, customize and make changes simply by making changes to
the software,” said Praveen Jain, chief technologist and CEO of SPARQ

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