3 in 1 Roof in Florida challenges Tesla solar roofs

3 in 1 roof pic

The 3 in 1 Roof is gaining popularity among Florida homeowners who are looking to rebuild their roofs after the Hurricane Irma.

With 3 in 1 Roof system, the company also challenges Tesla, the popular name in this type of solar installations.

Structures with pitched 3 in 1 Roofs will increase in value, resist 200-mph winds, gain significant energy efficiency, save on insurance premiums and more, the company said.

3 in 1 Roof uniquely joins together R-16 insulation, 200-mph wind protection and solar power.

3 in 1 roofThe most publicized solar solution today is Tesla.  Their roof is almost entirely made of quartz glass with a rubber-type substrate, both poor thermal insulators that allow for significant heat transfer into attic spaces. Without detectable insulation built into it, the Tesla system won’t “Reduce Energy Needs” before it “Produces Energy Needed”, therefore one can expect a large and costly solar array to meet a structure’s 100 percent energy needs.

Tesla announced it will enter the market in 2018. On its website, one can utilize a “Cost Calculator”.  When quoting a particular 1600 sq. ft. BIPV re-roof in the USA, the installedprice-point shows $52,300 (out-of-pocket). Google Project Sunroof illustrates that same property utilizes 8.25kW monthly. Based on Tesla tile size, mathematics determines a power output of about 15W per sq. ft., therefore about 550 square roof feet is needed to create 100 percent energy independence. This renders a price point around $32.69 per square foot (before tax credits and energy values) or $6.34/watt DC, installed.

At a drastically lower price-point of $4.25/watt DC, installed, the 3 in 1 Roof system offers a BIPV re-roof at a price-point of $34,000 (out-of-pocket) equaling about $21.25 per square foot (before tax credits and energy values) for an 8kW system over the same 1,600 square foot re-roof area.

A lower price point isn’t all 3 in 1 Roof accomplishes. Based on Florida Solar Energy Center reports, the insulated 3 in 1 Roof tiles “Reduce before they Produce” the structure’s energy needs by up-to 38 percent. Factor in US Census population urban concentration reports and the average homeowner saves roughly 18 percent BTU consumption just from 3 in 1 Roof’s insulation. Regarding that same USA re-roof, its revised power need drops from an 8kW to a 6.5kW system, lessening the 3 in 1 Roof price from $21.25 to $19.66 per square foot, installed.

PACE funding has approved financing for 3 in 1 Roofs for up $20 a square foot, with no money down from the consumer.  When one considers the “Reduce before Produce” mantra, a fully purchased and installed 3 in 1 Roof is 100 percent fundable under the PACE program, while delivering kilowatts needed to power the entire house.

3 in 1 Roof re-roof solution includes removal of old roofing, installing all substrates, and then applying their elite tile product.

Traditional cement tile and metal tile solar solutions have about a $5.10/watt DC, installed price-point, including all non-solar roofing materials needed to re-roof the structure.  However, these solar modules are not integrated directly into those tiles, but are merely adjacent, resulting in questionable curb-appeal and a tax subsidy recovery on only the solar.

3 in 1 Roof has a patented 100 percent durable foam embodiment with renewable solar modules, easily installed and replaced without disturbing tiles. Its insulating foam core protects underlayment from hot and cold temperature cycles, preventing under-tile condensation and eventual mildew and dry-rot, extending substrate’s life-span by 2 or more folds.

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