ABB to launch new CPV solar power system at Intersolar North America

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ABB to launch new CPV solar power system at Intersolar North America

Greentech Lead America: ABB, a provider of power and
automation technology, announced it has launched the concentrating photovoltaic
(CPV) system at Intersolar North America. Now, with its full line of electric
power and control product, EPC and O&M support services, ABB offers a
complete sun-to-grid solution.

Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems can produce 30-40 percent more energy
than traditional silicon or thin-film photovoltaics. They are particularly
effective in areas of high DNI (direct normal irradiance, a measure of sun
strength), typical of the warmer and sunnier regions of the world where the
majority of growth is expected for solar power. CPV system delivers more energy
in a smaller land area and at a lower cost than any other photovoltaic

The CPV system is
a result of ABB’s investment and strategic partnership with GreenVolts, a
pioneer in turnkey solar systems. The systems are modular and scalable for a
variety of commercial and industrial applications including distributed loads
of less than 1 MW or for multi-megawatt utility-scale installations.

ABB’s complete sun-to-grid solution includes modules,
trackers, and inverters. It also includes ISIS (Intelligent Solar Information
System) energy management software, which provides easy, remote monitoring and
control of a virtually unlimited number of sites from anywhere on the Internet.

“For utility-scale projects, customers are asking
for a fully integrated solution and the long-term stability and support that
ABB can provide. With this turnkey CPV system and our power generation
experience, we believe ABB has the most complete and compelling solar power
solution in the industry,” said Bob Stojanovic, ABB director of Solar
Power solutions, North America.  

ABB to install 200 web-managed DC Fast Chargers in Estonia

Recently, ABB announced that it will install 200 Terra 51
DC fast charging station for electric vehicles in Estonia. The first charging station
has installed at the Innovation Center in Tallinn. ABB has partnered with
KredEx and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonia, to install DC fast
charging stations at multiple locations throughout the country comprising the
world’s first nationwide network of DC fast chargers.


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