Affiliated Distributors and Syndicated Solar to expand solar sales and installations

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Affiliated Distributors and Syndicated Solar to expand solar sales and installations

Greentech Lead America: Affiliated Distributors (AD) and
Syndicated Solar, a solar developer, have announced a partnership to expand the
sales of solar systems and components by the members of Affiliated Distributors
distributor network.

“A number of AD affiliates have reached out to us
already to analyze potential solar projects and their customers. We look
forward to working with AD and their network to efficiently identify
cost-effective projects, and share our expertise with them and their client
base through our partnering collaboration,” said Justin Pentelute, CEO of
Syndicated Solar.

Affiliated Distributors provides independent distributors
and manufacturers of construction and industrial products with support and
resources that accelerate growth.

Through this partnership Syndicated Solar will become a preferred Affiliated Distributors Clean Energy Supplier providing
design, consulting, construction and financing services for Affiliates of the
AD network and their customers for solar photovoltaic systems.

Materials for these projects will be procured through AD
Affiliates, increasing their sales of solar panels, inverters and other system
components and reducing costs for customers.

Syndicated Solar will provide valuable assistance to AD
Affiliates in areas including site and financial analysis, system design,
financing and construction of photovoltaic systems. These services will make it
easier for AD distributors to meet the demand AD is seeing in the market.

“This is another example of AD’s leadership in
supporting our independent electrical distributors and helping expand their
Clean Energy business,” said Christian Siebens, director of Clean Energy at
Affiliated Distributors.

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