Altano Energy and Exus Collaborate, Generating Renewable Power for Over 28,000 Homes

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Altano Energy and Exus have announced a collaboration in the completion of dual 64MW solar plants situated in Puertollano, Spain.

These new solar facilities have, since their connection to the grid, generated an impressive 83,230MWh of clean energy, an amount sufficient to power more than 28,000 households.

Representing Altano Energy’s inaugural fully operational photovoltaic (PV) projects, the Puertollano and El Villar plants supplement the existing 60MW hydroelectric generation in the area and contribute to Altano Energy’s ongoing expansion. Currently, the company has nearly 200MW of wind, solar, and hybrid projects in various stages of construction in the region.

Exus Management Partners (Exus), a globally recognized renewables asset manager and a prominent figure in the Spanish market, has been pivotal in providing comprehensive asset management services to Altano Energy. Their involvement spans from overseeing the projects’ construction to managing their successful integration into the grid.

The two solar plants, Puertollano and El Villar, have now reached their full operational capacity, generating energy at a rate exceeding initial projections and showcasing a remarkable performance index of 83 percent. Inigo Sanchez-Junco, COO of Altano Energy, expressed pride in achieving this significant milestone, emphasizing the strategic alignment of these projects in enriching their asset portfolio.

The collaboration with Exus has been fundamental, providing technical expertise and proficient management, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and risk mitigation for Altano Energy’s investment. Natalia Ordoñez, Exus’ Development and Construction Director for Europe, highlighted their integrated approach, enabling a seamless transition from construction to utilization, ensuring operational excellence and timely project delivery.

Both Puertollano plants’ successful launch reinforces Spain’s position in renewable energy expansion, aligning with the government’s ambition to achieve 160GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. Furthermore, the Castilla-La Mancha region continues to lead Spain in installed PV power, contributing significantly to the country’s clean energy portfolio.

The successful operation of these solar plants not only contributes substantially to the clean energy landscape but also reinforces the region’s commitment to renewable sources, with 83 percent of its total power generation derived from clean sources, surpassing the national average by over 20 percent.

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