Andalay Solar, Highpower to commercialize green storage

Andalay Solar has announced collaboration with Highpower, manufacturer of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, to launch a pilot project that will provide energy storage systems for Andalay customers.

This energy system is designed in such a way that by going off-grid or using the hybrid system, customers can reduce their utility grid cost.

Highpower’s energy storage system consists of six 2.4KWh lithium-ion battery modules with an output inverter that provide energy load capacity and expandability.

When the hybrid system is combined with Andalay’s integrated solar system, energy will be generated by both solar system and utility grid. This provides enough power supply in a home to sustain household appliances and power outlets.

Highpower displays their clean energy commitment during manufacturing process in various ways like waste recycling management, safe disposal, industry leading design, manufacturing and testing of storage devices.

Energy storage has become an essential component of system design and installation. This pilot project is an example of the determination to stay at the leading edge of the market with patented technology, while maintaining a focus on customers’ solar energy needs, cost-savings, and return on investment, said, Steven Chan, CEO, Andalay Solar.

Andalay Solar’s technical know-how, experiences and their idea about customer’s demand is ideal for commercializing the storage solution with high functionalities and performance, while keeping costs affordable in North American markets, commented, Bryan Bai, vice president, Sales, Highpower.

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