Apple release iPhone 6 With Sapphire glass solar power panel

Apple, the i Phone Company has decided to inscribe solar panels within the Sapphire glass screen, reports The Hindu.

Campaigners once protested against Apple firm against use of toxic chemicals, bad working conditions in China as well as using fossil fuels extensively, but now they are guiding other technology companies on regulating the power supply and expanding renewable energy.


Apple is prepared now to use solar power to manufacture sapphire screens for the iPhone 6, at a factory in Arizona, finishing the conversion of all data centers to clean energy, says report.

The telegenic Jackson, who was administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for this effort of Apple’s carbon footprint. The company also ensures that customers get an idea of their carbon neutral activities in time.

Data centers need high loads of electricity for maintaining climatic conditions and run the servers that execute lots of electronic transactions daily, added the report.

Customers can now confidently use the mobile with no worries of increasing carbon pollution and contributing to environmental pollution. Apple by using clean energy has taken care of that part, said Jackson.

Moreover, company is planning to install solar and geothermal power at Mesa in Arizona, sapphire glass manufacturing firm.

Almost 70 percent of the carbon footprint is included in the supply chain and company is working right now on the facilities they have United States, added report quoting company officials.

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