Aqua Pennsylvania to dedicate 1.5 MW solar farm

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Aqua Pennsylvania to dedicate 1.5 MW solar farm

Greentech Lead America: Aqua Pennsylvania, the U.S.-based
water utility, will dedicate its 1.5 MW solar farm at Pickering water treatment
plant. The $6.5 million solar farm will provide clean energy to the water
treatment plant.

Pickering water treatment plant is the company’s largest
plant, serving nearly 500,000 residents of 27 municipalities in Chester,
Delaware and Montgomery counties. The solar farm spans 6.5 acres of ground at
the eastern end of the plant site.

The solar farm
will reduce Aqua’s grid-tied usage by 2.3 million kWh annually and will save
approximately $207,000 per year. The project will alleviate congestion on the
PECO grid resulting in additional savings to all consumers by reducing line
losses and congestion charges.

This latest installation follows company’s 1.0 MW,
4.5-acre facility at its Ingram’s Mill treatment plant in East Bradford Township
that serves 25,000 West Chester area residents. The Ingram’s Mill solar farm
has reduced grid-tied usage by 1.3 million kilowatt-hours during the past 12
months resulting in a direct economic benefit of $130,000 annually in energy

Recently, Aqua Pennsylvania acquired the assets of the
Mifflin Township Water Authority which serves approximately 1,500 residents in
Mifflin Township, Columbia County for $1.114 million.

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