Arctech Wins 500MW Manah I Power Plant Project Contract in Oman

By Editor


Arctech, a leader in renewable energy solutions, has recently inked a significant deal for the 500MW Manah I power plant project in Oman.

This success comes hot on the heels of their triumph in securing the 588MW Manah II PV project in Oman earlier in 2023. The consecutive wins underscore Arctech’s expertise in tailoring customized solutions for the demanding desert conditions of the Middle East and highlight its formidable global competitiveness.

The signing ceremony for the 500MW Manah I PV project, held at Arctech’s headquarters, marks a pivotal moment in Oman’s energy landscape. With the nation experiencing a surge in power demand in recent years, the government has set ambitious targets to incorporate renewable energy sources.

Oman aims to achieve 20 percent renewable energy consumption by 2030, with plans to escalate this figure to 35 percent-39 percent by 2040. The Manah I and II projects are pivotal in expediting Oman’s energy transition and stand as a testament to Arctech’s commitment to fostering Belt and Road cooperation.

Situated in Oman’s Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate, the Manah I project boasts a formidable capacity of 640MW. However, its location presents unique challenges due to the harsh tropical desert climate, characterized by frequent bouts of heavy rain, strong winds, and sandstorms. Moreover, the complex terrain, marked by depressions, necessitates advanced tracker stability and terrain adaptability.

Arctech’s 1P SkyLine II tracker emerged as the solution of choice for the Manah I project. Engineered with a multi-point drive mechanism and a patented triple D torque tube, the SkyLine II ensures unparalleled system stability under the rigors of desert wind loads, boasting wind stow speed of 22m/s. Furthermore, its stable torque tube allows for post spans of up to 10m, resulting in a reduction of post quantities by approximately 20 percent and a consequent decrease in civil work costs.

Arctech devised customer-centric customized solution designs tailored to the specific requirements of the Manah I project. To accommodate the undulating terrain with depressions, Arctech engineered four different module heights, ensuring seamless integration with the site’s topography.

The synergy between the tracker-bifacial module combination maximizes energy yields, with a resultant 1+1>2 effect. Additionally, meticulous optimization of the purlins’ bearing capacity enhances compatibility with cleaning robots, mitigating soiling losses and bolstering generation performance.

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