ArrayPower and Phoenix Contact announce new cable harness design to the Sequenced Inverter

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ArrayPower and Phoenix Contact announce new cable harness design to the Sequenced Inverter

By Greenteh Lead America: ArrayPower, a producer of
Sequenced Inverter technology for application in solar energy systems, and
Phoenix Contact, a manufacturer of electric connection and industrial
automation technology, have jointly developed a specialized AC cable harness
designed exclusively for systems using ArrayPower’s Sequenced Inverter

“Teaming with a highly-experienced engineering and
manufacturing firm was a vital stepping stone to further optimize our PV system
design flexibility and installation ease,” said Wendy Arienzo, CEO of

The Sequenced Inverter meets
the unique needs of the commercial-scale solar market. The technology is
integrated into module customers’ products during the manufacturing process,
fostering cost reductions across the solar value chain.

“Solar integrators and system owners will
immediately recognize the value of the Sequenced Inverter’s simplified design,
which allows them to connect PV systems to the grid with the hassle-free
connection of one AC cable,” Arienzo added.

The Sequenced Inverter is paired with a solar module to
convert the DC power produced by solar cells into grid-ready, three-phase AC
power. The outdoor-rated cable harness facilitates power transfer to the
electrical grid and enables faster, safer, more flexible solar installations
with an integrated “one-click” connector.

“Thanks in part to our custom-tailored cable harness
design, Sequenced Inverter-equipped PV systems enable a new level of simplicity
and safety for solar integrators — benefits that are crucial at the commercial
scale,” said Mike Peppler, director of the device connection regional
business unit with Phoenix Contact.

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