Astronergy Expands ASTRO N7 TOPCon Series with 66-Cell Product Lines, Elevating Solar Efficiency and Cost Savings

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Astronergy, a trailblazer in n-type TOPCon PV modules, has unveiled the latest addition to its product lineup: the ASTRO N7 TOPCon series now includes new 66-rectangular cell products. These innovations are primed for mass production, presenting customers with an enticing option that promises heightened efficiency and reduced costs within solar systems.

Building upon the success of the ASTRO N7 series, the new 66-cell TOPCon products uphold Astronergy’s cutting-edge TOPCon 3.0 cell technology and advanced SMBB cell processing. This technological foundation empowers these cells to achieve an outstanding average efficiency surpassing 25.7 percent.

What sets these products apart is the utilization of 210mm n-type rectangular silicon wafers, a deviation from the prevalent M10 wafers dominating the market. The larger 182*210mm wafer size boasts a remarkable 15.6 percent increase in area, elevating both cell and module efficiency while driving down the cost per watt.

Aligned with Astronergy’s standardized module dimensions, the 66-cell configuration propels the ASTRO N7 product to an impressive power output exceeding 615W, accompanied by an outstanding conversion efficiency surpassing 22.8 percent, placing it at the forefront of the industry.

For utility-scale solar system deployments, the ASTRO N7 66-cell product boasts lower Balance of System (BOS) costs compared to modules using 182mm square wafers. Moreover, its low voltage characteristics offer advantageous prospects for solar system design.

A commitment to delivering top-tier products globally is evident in the 66-cell products’ features, including high-transmittance glass that enhances module efficiency by 0.3 percent, fortifying the products’ environmental durability by effectively isolating water vapor.

The inclusion of light-redirecting films, a temperature coefficient of -0.29 percent/℃, leading LID&LETID performances, low irradiation performance, and robust mechanical characteristics assures a steady output over a 30-year span, exhibiting merely 0.4 percent degradation per year from the 2nd to the 30th year.

As a top 6 PV module supplier globally in terms of shipments, Astronergy maintains its role as a technological innovator and market visionary, dedicated to developing adaptable, high-quality products that cater to evolving customer needs.

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