Bechtel to Construct 190 MWac Solar Project in Indiana for Arevon Energy

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Bechtel, a global leader in engineering and construction, has announced its selection by Arevon Energy, a renowned renewable energy company, to undertake the design and construction of a cutting-edge 190 MWac solar project in Posey County, Indiana. The project is set to significantly bolster clean energy production in the region and bring substantial economic benefits.

The Posey Solar Project, a collaboration between Bechtel and Arevon Energy, represents a major step towards sustainable energy production in Indiana. Once operational, this solar facility is expected to generate enough clean electricity to power over 25,000 homes, substantially reducing carbon emissions in the area.

CenterPoint Energy, a trusted utility provider, will distribute this clean energy to over 150,000 electric customers in Southwest Indiana, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly future for the region.

Furthermore, the Posey Solar Project is projected to have a significant positive impact on the local economy. It is estimated to add $1.2 million annually to Posey County’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), creating jobs and boosting economic growth in the area.

Bechtel will oversee the entire solar project, providing a turnkey solution that includes engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and project management. A key aspect of Bechtel’s approach is its commitment to the local community.

During the construction phase, the project will employ more than 300 local residents, encompassing various roles such as electricians, operators, safety professionals, solar installers, and general laborers. Bechtel is also dedicated to providing on-the-job training programs for community members, offering opportunities for skill development and career growth.

In addition to its focus on the local workforce, Bechtel is set to engage the regional supply chain, working closely with suppliers and businesses in Indiana and neighboring states to support the execution of the project.

Justin Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Arevon Energy, expressed his confidence in Bechtel, stating, “Bechtel offered a high-quality, competitive solution, and we saw intrinsic value in their in-house engineering capability, self-perform delivery approach, and innovative mindset to help us deliver this important project to CenterPoint Energy.”

The Posey Solar Project signifies a significant milestone in the transition to clean and sustainable energy sources, highlighting the dedication of companies like Bechtel and Arevon Energy to a greener future for the United States.

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