Bergamo to install solar products in Pakistan

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Bergamo to install solar products in Pakistan

Greentech Lead America: Bergamo Acquisition announced
that it will be installing its first solar products in Pakistan.

Bergamo also announced that the CEO of its joint venture
subsidiary company, BB Solar, will participate in the solar power
demonstrations in Karachi, Pakistan.

Installation commenced on March 19 at 56 Jam Deh Chakro
Northern Bypass in Karachi, for the solar tube well pumping system, along with
solar energy generator, and a solar cellular phone tower.

BB Solar, on completion of the installation, will make a
formal presentation to various invited guests including government ministry
officials, government department of industries, builders, developers and
agricultural conglomerates to demonstrate its customizable solar water pumping
system and solar electric generator in April 2012.

“Sindh province, is the agricultural heart of the
country. Bergamo has been liaising with the Ministry of Irrigation and power
for the Province of Sindh for the sale of its products. We believe that the
need for our products and the significant Government and Business contacts
Bergamo has established will ensure significant sales. Our products will
ultimately be marketed globally and will have multi-national pricing features
available,” said Sohail Parekh, senior executive vice president of Bergamo.

The company anticipates receiving purchase orders for the
installation of its equipment. This will require deposits and Bank and
Government guarantees from the end users. The turnaround time from purchase
order to completion will be approximately 120 days. The company provides
solutions starting from $5000.00 USD and above. BB Solar’s solutions are either
made in Canada, USA, or China, to provide more flexibility in requirements or

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