Broadway Renewable Strategies appoints Carter Wall to lead Performance Solar Division

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Broadway Renewable Strategies appoints Carter Wall to lead Performance Solar Division

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Lead Team:
Broadway Renewable Strategies, an electrical construction firm,
announced the appointment of Carter Wall to head a new business unit,
Performance Solar.

The new
department will offer commercial solar owners strategies for optimizing revenue
from their solar investment. Wall’s responsibilities will include the design of
new tools to help commercial solar owners maximize their income from solar
operations, including performance monitoring and enhancement services and options
for lowering remaining power supply costs.

“Broadway is
a recognized leader in the development of large commercial solar systems in the
region, and with the addition of Performance Solar we will be able to continue
to offer our solar customers effective strategies for managing their investment
that make the most of current market conditions,” said Jonathan Wienslaw,
president of Broadway Renewable Strategies.

“There is a
critical demand for customers to understand and utilize their investments in solar
energy and I applaud Broadway for expanding their services and helping their
clients and commercial solar owners to understand and optimize their solar
assets and return on investments,” said Wall.

make a big investment in solar, and they need active, real-time management to
assure that their investment pays off. By integrating their solar property into
their overall operating strategy, we can significantly increase their returns.

Wall’s time as executive director of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust,
she oversaw the transition of solar incentive programs to a market-based
system, and managed the building of the state’s tracking system for SREC
reporting and production.

Wall has
formerly served as chairman of the board of the Pinchot Institute for
Conservation, is currently on the board of directors of The Future Face of
American Energy and an active member of New England Women in Energy and


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