Canadian Forces Base deploys Carmanah solar airfield lights

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Greentech Lead Canada: Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Wainwright, located in Denwood, Alberta, has selected Carmanah Technologies to be sole supplier of solar airfield solutions for runway lighting in a transaction valued at over $230,000.

Carmanah A704 solar-powered airfield lights and accessories will be deployed within a tight timeline in support of planned international training exercises.

CFB Wainwright, located in northern latitude close to Edmonton, Alberta, is home to the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Center (CMTC), the Canadian Armed Forces’ national training center. The base also hosts international forces for annual training exercises, which usually includes American Army Aviation Guard units from various states.

CMTC will manage the deployment and employment of the A704 lights at the local airfield and at other locations. Airfield 21 at that military base is unique in that it sees extensive flight operations during condensed training events but remains unused during the remainder of the year.

Carmanah’s portable solar-powered lights allow the storage of the A704 lights when the runway is used for purposes other than flight operations. CMTC is also called to provide training at other venues and retain the option of bringing the airfield lighting with them during those deployments.

In 2010, Carmanah supplied a tactical airfield to CFB Trenton, a hub of Royal Canadian Air Force air transport operations.

In 2012, Carmanah launched the A704-H; a high-intensity solar LED airfield light that meets standards for medium-intensity runway lighting (MIRL) and high intensity runway lighting (HIRL) up to 500 candela (in white). It is also capable of Infrared (IR) modes for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) operation and is ideal for deployment in permanent or temporary airfields and helipads and as backup emergency lighting systems.

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