Canadian Solar supplies MaxPower panels to Gunma Aramaki plant in Japan

Canadian Solar at a trade show

Canadian Solar has supplied 59,544 CS6X MaxPower solar panels to 19.1MWp Gunma Aramaki solar power plant in Japan.

Canadian Solar has reached commercial operation on its 19.1MWp Gunma Aramaki solar power plant, located approximately 100km northwest of Tokyo, Japan.

The Gunma Aramaki solar power plant is expected to generate approximately 23,830MWh of clean solar power per year.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, the largest energy utility in Japan, will purchase the solar power under a 20 year feed-in-tariff contract at the rate of JPY36.0 ($0.32) per kWh.

On April 3, 2017, Canadian Solar announced that it had raised JPY 5.4 billion for the Gunma Aramaki project through a dual-tenor green project bond. The solar power project received an investment grade rating of “A” from the Japan Credit Rating Agency.

Canadian Solar CEO Shawn Qu said the company reached commercial operation on over 100MWp of solar power projects in Japan in 2017.

“Our 19.1MWp Gunma Aramaki project is the first of our two projects in the Gunma prefecture to reach commercial operation. We have developed solar power plant projects in over 19 prefectures, enhancing the geographic diversity of the operating portfolio we have developed across Japan,” Shawn Qu said.