China Sunergy, China Electric Equipment and DuPont China plan collaboration

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China Sunergy, China Electric Equipment and DuPont China plan collaboration

Greentech Lead Asia: China Sunergy, a solar cell and
module manufacturer, and China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) have signed a
three-year strategic collaboration agreement with DuPont China Holdings.

This strategic collaboration among the parties includes
photovoltaic, power transformer, as well as insulation and aviation composite
materials. The alliance will help improve product quality, enhance the
collaboration and development of new products, new applications and new

“This Letter of Intent will expand the strategic
relationship between DuPont, CEEG and China Sunergy with long-term benefit not
only to the parties, but also to the local industry and community. DuPont China
is committed to leverage its strong technological capabilities across the
company and work with our partners to support their rapid growth,” said
Tony Su, president, DuPont Greater China.

The strategic collaboration enables China Sunergy to
increase its purchasing of photovoltaic materials from DuPont
including DuPont Solamet photovoltaic metallizations used in solar cells
to achieve higher cell efficiency and DuPont Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride
film based backsheet for solar module protection.

The alliance offers benefits to the three
companies. China Sunergy is looking forward to
strengthening this alliance and exploring innovations with DuPont.

The collaboration will help advance the development of
new and improved technologies and product quality improvements, further
increasing efficiency and overall system cost reductions, to help reach grid
parity faster.  

“CEEG has maintained a strategic commercial
relationship with DuPont for over 15 years. I’m happy to see that this
collaboration has been extended to involve China Sunergy. DuPont is one of the
world’s leading, first-class enterprises, and this strategic collaboration will
benefit China Sunergy to continue improving its technology, product reliability
and customer satisfaction,” said Tingxing Lu, chairman of China Sunergy and

Recently, China Sunergy announced a 50 MW sales contract with Bull PowerTech, a subsidiary of Bull
Holding and a renewable energy company with a focus on photovoltaics.

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