Clenergy unveils innovative fencing solution SteelFarm

By Editor


Clenergy has unveiled its new fencing solution called SteelFarm.

SteelFarm is an innovative high value-added fencing solution suitable for the building & construction industry, and also can be used for PV installations in solar plants, gardens, farms, etc.

The use of solar fences ensures security two fold. Fences can be used as a security barrier to protect the highly valuable solar equipment against theft or damage. More importantly, they keep out humans and wildlife, thus protecting them from any unexpected electrical safety issues.

Based on the revised FIT Law in Japan, solar farms larger than 50KW need to be equipped with fences. This also applies to solar plants in Korea and Southeast Asian countries, with custom standards and regulations.

“Clenergy has completed the first installation of solar carports integrated with fences in the latest project site situated in the Maldives,” Daniel Hong, CEO at Clenergy.

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