Coal Ministry Sets Ambitious Solar Energy Target to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions

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In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of state-owned coal mining companies, the Coal Ministry of India plans to generate a staggering 5,200 megawatts (MW) of solar energy within the next three years. This ambitious endeavor seeks to pave the way for these companies to attain net zero carbon emissions, IANS reported.

Sources within the Coal Ministry have revealed that the current consumption of thermal-based power in coal mining projects stands at approximately 5,000 MW. However, with the aspiration of generating 5,200 MW of solar energy within the specified timeframe, the Ministry envisions achieving net zero status in terms of carbon emissions.

Leveraging the substantial land and capital resources possessed by coal companies, the Indian government is decidedly optimistic about the prospects of solar energy. The concerted efforts of all coal companies combined are anticipated to culminate in the generation of 5,200 MW of solar power over the next three years.

As of the present moment, coal companies have already successfully generated 1,600 MW of solar energy. With numerous projects at various stages of implementation, the target of 5,200 MW of solar power generation appears to be well within reach. This ambitious plan is set to not only enable coal companies to attain net zero status but to even exceed this benchmark.

With the current thermal-based power usage in coal mining projects standing at 5,000 MW, achieving 5,200 MW of solar energy would not only place us on the path to net zero in the next three years but potentially surpass our expectations,” Coal Ministry sources said.

As part of a broader strategy to diminish the carbon footprint associated with mining activities and accelerate progress toward the net zero carbon emission objective, coal and lignite companies are fervently embracing renewable energy sources. This includes the implementation of both rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects. Furthermore, plans are underway to develop solar parks within reclaimed mining areas, demonstrating a multifaceted commitment to sustainable energy.

Recent data reveals that as of May 26, public sector coal and lignite enterprises had already installed an impressive solar capacity of around 1,656 MW, in addition to wind mills with a capacity of 51 MW. An ambitious plan is also in place to collectively install a formidable 5,570 MW of renewable energy capacity by the year 2030, reflecting the resolute dedication of coal companies to environmental responsibility and sustainable energy solutions.

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