Construction starts at the 10 MW Fresno DAC Solar Farm

By Editor


The Fresno DAC Community Solar Farm in California is scheduled to commence operations before the end of 2023. With over 25,000 solar panels, this system will generate sufficient energy to power approximately 2,700 homes.

Construction is currently underway for the Fresno Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Solar Farm, which is the largest shared solar project designed to benefit disadvantaged communities in California. It also marks Fresno’s first utility-scale solar farm. Spanning 10 MW, this solar farm will directly deliver cost savings on energy to eligible low-income residents through PG&E’s Disadvantaged Communities Green Tariff (DAC-GT) Program.

Qualified low-income residents in Fresno who subscribe to the Fresno DAC Community Solar Farm will enjoy a 20 percent reduction in their energy bills. PG&E automatically enrolls customers who meet the eligibility criteria.

Situated on a 76-acre underutilized plot owned by the City of Fresno, the solar power plant is expected to increase the city’s revenue through higher rents charged by the solar facility’s operators.

AB CarVal, the project owner, and White Pine Renewables, the project developer, have partnered with GRID Alternatives, a solar non-profit organization. Together, they provided a complimentary solar installation training course and a job fair for local low-income jobseekers, including individuals residing in Southwest Fresno.

Karina Gonzalez, Co-Executive Director of GRID Alternatives Central Valley, expressed appreciation for AB CarVal and White Pine’s commitment to inclusive solar workforce development. Their support proved instrumental in securing employment opportunities for the program’s graduates, exceeding expectations in terms of job placements.

Nearly 70 percent of the participants in GRID’s program have already secured employment with AB CarVal, White Pine’s regional installation subcontractors, and other local solar companies. Many graduates now work at the Fresno DAC Community Solar Farm, where all workers receive a prevailing wage determined by the local market.

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