Convert Solar Secures Fifth Consecutive Solar Co-op RFP for Hampton Roads

By Editor


Convert Solar, a solar installation company based in Virginia, has won the Solar United Neighbors Hampton Roads solar co-op Request for Proposal (RFP).

This remarkable achievement marks the fifth consecutive year that Convert Solar has secured the contract for the Hampton Roads or Richmond SUN co-op. The contract, awarded by Solar United Neighbors Action, a national 501(c)4 nonprofit, recognizes Convert Solar’s unwavering commitment to providing affordable solar solutions to the local community.

Solar United Neighbors Action, also known as SUN, stands at the forefront of the solar energy movement. As a national nonprofit organization, SUN represents solar homeowners and individuals who are passionate about the numerous benefits of solar energy. They have cultivated a grassroots network of solar enthusiasts who actively collaborate with policymakers to implement policies that facilitate the transition to solar energy.

SUN’s signature approach lies in their solar co-ops, which bring together 50 to 100 neighbors within a community to embark on their solar journey collectively. This community-driven initiative has gained widespread popularity, allowing participants to share the advantages of solar energy and strengthen the bonds within their communities. Co-op members harness the power of collective purchasing to secure discounted pricing and ensure top-tier solar installations. They also benefit from individual contracts tailored to their specific home requirements.

Convert Solar’s consistent success in securing the Solar United Neighbors Hampton Roads solar co-op RFP highlights their dedication to advancing solar energy adoption and making it accessible to more residents. As the community and the nation continue to embrace clean energy solutions, companies like Convert Solar play a pivotal role in driving the renewable energy revolution.

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