Cydcor in pact with Sunrun to offer solar power service

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Cydcor in pact with Sunrun to offer solar power service

Greentech Lead America: Cydcor, a provider of outsourced,
face-to-face sales teams, has joined hands with Sunrun, a home solar company.

As per the agreement, Cydcor will offer Sunrun solar
power service to homeowners in Southern California, helping more Californians
save money on their electric bills by switching to solar.

Sunrun owns, insures and maintains solar panels and
installs them on a homeowner’s roof. Families pay a low monthly rate for clean
energy and fix their electric costs for 20 years. Sunrun installs over $1.5
million in solar systems every day, and one in three Californians switching to
solar choose Sunrun.

This new partnership is part of Cydcor’s immersion into
the solar and green energy industries. It also complements Cydcor’s existing
four-year partnership with an energy solutions retailer.

“Our partnership is a win-win for solar customers
and Sunrun because our core competency is helping our clients in
highly-competitive industries achieve their business goals. It’s also a win for
Cydcor because we have aggressive goals to grow and diversify – and we’ve made
a strategic commitment to solar,” said Jim Majeski, president of Cydcor.

Sunrun has already successfully implemented and executed
on three other similar initiatives – providing Cydcor with turnkey success.

“Cydcor has a reputation for success as a seller of
consumer services in highly-competitive industries across North America,”
said Sunrun President and Co-founder Lynn Jurich.

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