Dimmitt Chevrolet installs rooftop solar array in partnership with ESA

By Editor


Dimmitt Chevrolet has unveiled its new rooftop solar array, installed in partnership with ESA. The solar panels will provide clean energy to power the dealership’s operations and reduce its carbon footprint.

The 729.96 kW solar array, consisting of over 2,000 panels, is expected to generate over one gigawatt of electricity per year. The annual energy produced is the equivalent of over 750,000 homes and will offset about 156 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Dimmitt Chevrolet is expected be powered 100 percent by solar energy, and by tapping into expanded federal tax incentives, will return all capital invested through energy savings in just under five years.

“As we continue to add more EV options for customers, our electricity use will continue go up. It makes sense to invest in clean energy. We are excited to partner with ESA to bring solar to our dealership,” said Lawrence Dimmitt III, the owner of Dimmitt Chevrolet.

Auto dealers have a substantial opportunity to attract consumers as the demand for electric vehicles increases. EV sales increased 45 percent from 2020 to 2021, and hybrid sales nearly doubled. By 2025, it is estimated that EVs may account for 19 percent of all new U.S. car sales, and by 2035, as much as 68 percent of all new vehicles being sold in the United States.

As the adoption of EVs increases, innovative auto dealers are looking to solar energy to offset the costs of electric vehicles on their dealership. ESA works with dealers across United States to develop tailored solar programs for auto dealerships that will maximize available tax credits and incentives, while generating an immediate return on capital. Dealers that operate in multiple states can evaluate their portfolio and quickly determine the locations with the highest return on investment by leveraging ESA’s auto dealer program.

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