DMEGC Solar Unveils N-Type Rectangular Wafer Modules, Revolutionizing Photovoltaic Efficiency


DMEGC Solar, a globally recognized leader in high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing, has introduced two N-type rectangular wafer module series, M10RT and G12RT, for the international market.

Leveraging N-type silicon wafers, these modules achieve remarkable mass production efficiencies of up to 25.5 percent. The incorporation of Super-Multiple Busbar (SMBB) technology, high-density packaging, and other advancements results in significant improvements in module power and efficiency, delivering lower attenuation, enhanced temperature coefficients, and superior performance in low-light conditions.

M10RT 54 Series for Distributed Generation:

Modules sized at 1,762mm x 1,134mm.

Options include single-glass, double-glass, all-black, and transparent versions.

Power outputs range from 430W to 450W.

Targeted primarily at the distributed generation market.

G12RT 66 Series for Large-Scale Projects:

Larger modules at 2,382mm x 1,134mm.

Power range from 605W to 620W.

Designed for large-scale projects.

Certified by TUV Rheinland and TUV SuD, and having undergone extended-stress testing according to IEC TS 63209-1:2021, these modules are now available for global purchase.

The M10RT and G12RT series exhibit exceptional efficiency, robust power output, superior electricity generation capacity, and outstanding reliability. The M10RT cell, with a size of 182.2mm x 186.7mm compared to the M10 cell’s 182mm x 182mm, boosts maximum output power by 15W and increases conversion efficiency by 0.3 percent, contributing to improved system efficiency and reduced Balance of System (BOS) and Levelized Cost of Electricity (LOCE) costs.

These rectangular modules offer greater compatibility than traditional models, adapting seamlessly to various application scenarios. Designed for flexibility, they accommodate both inverters and power optimizers, adhering to industry-standard dimensions, leading to increased container utilization, reduced transportation costs, and enhanced convenience during installation and maintenance.

Moreover, DMEGC Solar’s commitment to environmental safety is evident, as the modules are manufactured using 100 percent renewable energy and have achieved PFAS-free, RoHS, and REACH certifications. This dedication underscores their contribution to sustainability within the industry.

Anticipation is high for the potential impact of DMEGC Solar’s highly efficient modules on advancing the PV industry, offering a glimpse into the future of solar technology.