Duke Energy Florida says solar power plant in Bay County is operational

By Editor


Duke Energy Florida announced that the first utility-scale solar power plant in Bay County is operational and delivering power to the electric grid.

“This project will play a major role in our state’s transition toward a cleaner energy and demonstrates how neighbors, businesses and communities can come together to make meaningful impacts that will benefit Florida’s environment, energy system and electric customers,” Duke Energy Florida state president Melissa Seixas said.

The Sandy Creek Solar Power Plant was built on 625 acres in Bay County, Fla. As the county’s first utility-scale solar power plant, the facility brings 74.9 megawatts (MW) of clean energy to the area and consists of approximately 220,000 single-axis tracking solar panels, capable of producing enough electricity to power approximately 23,000 homes annually at peak production.

The facility is part of Duke Energy Florida’s commitment to provide customers with 700 MW of clean energy through the completion of 10 facilities by 2022. Nine of the 10 facilities are now in service, while the remaining site in Hardee County is under construction and expected to be completed this summer.

Duke Energy Florida’s solar generation portfolio will include 25 grid-tied solar power plants, which will provide about 1,500 MW of emission-free generation from approximately 5 million solar panels by 2024.

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