E T Solar joins with Array Tech. for Bakersfield 111 Park

Array Technologies and E T Solar Capital are joining together for Bakersfield 111 Solar Park with a 1.8 MW power production facility in San Joaquin Valley.

The DuraTrack HZ single-axis solar tracker was chosen to meet the reliability requirements for Bakersfield 111 Solar Park.

The advanced tracking system is designed to withstand site wind gusts of up to 110 MPH. In addition, the trackers closed, rotating gear drive system can withstand temperatures in excess of 124° F.


Another prime feature is connecting of multiple rows of modules with a flexible driveline that control failure points. Since each motor drives 17 rows of 60 modules each, the Bakersfield 111 Solar Park employs 6 motor units to track more than 6,000 ET Solar 300W PV modules.

With best environmental adaptability, cost-effectiveness and performance, ET Solar’s PV modules satisfy the demand of customers. In addition, their custom-made financial solutions minimize the financing risks of Bakersfield 111 Solar Park, ensuring the implementation of project progress.

Once completed, Bakersfield 111 Solar Park will feed into Pacific Gas & Electric’s electricity grid.

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