Eco Wave Power in final construction phase of wave energy generation system

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Eco Wave Power in final construction phase of wave energy generation system

By Greentech Lead Team: Eco Wave Power, a manufacturer of
EWP wave energy convertors, announced its medium scale wave energy generation
system is in final construction phases. The power will produce a minimum of
stable 5KW from each floater.

The company plans to implement its medium scale power
plant on a pier in the Black sea during the first quarter of 2012.

The company completed
the testing and approval of its small scale model in cooperation with the Hydro
Mechanic Institute of Kiev just two months ago.

Eco Wave Power has already secured funding for
three ocean energy generation systems, the last of which will be a full-size
commercial scale power plant, with the ability to supply electricity up to1000

“When Eco Wave Power started to develop its unique
wave energy technology, we knew that the greatest challenge of the wave energy
industry is to find the “golden middle” between producing the maximum
amount of KW, while still insuring the reliability and the long life span of
the system. The problem was that on the one hand high waves enable the greatest
KW production, but also impose the highest risk to the system. On the other
hand, low waves do not endanger the system, yet they also do not produce
sufficient KW amounts. Another problematic issue important to address is the
cost of such system,” said David Leb, founder, Eco Wave Power.  

EWP’s system is being developed to produce electricity
for a cheaper price than traditional energy generation methods such as: coal,
gas and oil and also cheaper than renewable energy generation methods such as:
wind or Solar.

The company also announced that David Leb will be making
a presentation titled “Wave Energy Generation Difficulties Solved by Eco
Wave Power” at the “Energy Harvesting and Storage” conference by
IDTechEx, to be held in Berlin, Germany on the 15-16 of May, 2012.

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