EfstonScience unveils solar and wind powered street lights in Canada

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EfstonScience unveils solar and wind powered street lights in Canada

Greentech Lead Canada: EfstonScience, Canada’s science superstore,
announced it the launch of a new division dedicated to solar and wind powered
street lights powered by Enlighten Solar and Hybrid Lighting Systems.

Enlighten Hybrid Powered Lighting Systems was developed
by EfstonScience in partnership with StressCrete/King Luminaire, manufacturers
of spun concrete poles and LED luminaires, and Clear Blue Technologies,
providers of the hybrid charge controller and real-time clouded remote
monitoring and data collection.

Enlighten Solar and Hybrid Lighting Systems are
innovative, off-grid light standards that generate electricity from both the
sun and wind throughout the day and night to power a high-efficiency LED light.
 They find the best use in corporate complexes, shopping malls,
educational institutions, parks and recreation and rural and city roadways.

The energy-efficient lighting system combines a Daisy vertical
axis wind turbine (VAWT) and solar photovoltaics
to generate enough electricity to power the light standards from dusk until
dawn. The high-efficiency LED fixture emits as much light on the street as
traditional HID light fixtures, while using only a fraction of the power.

The company also offers a VAWT plus two-panel, duo-LED
model as well as custom solutions.

“Over the last 4 years we have designed and tested
various systems in real-life conditions. We have redesigned the overall look of
the light arm and panel mount for aesthetics as well as maximum sun exposure
and we have tested several wind turbines and now we have the ideal combination
of hybrid power and looks that we have been striving for,” said Irene Efston,
owner of EfstonScience and Enlighten Hybrid Powered Lighting Systems.

Solar wind hybrid lighting systems, which consist of one
or two solar panels and no wind turbines, are available for areas where there
is not enough wind to justify the extra cost of a VAWT but there is sufficient
solar radiation to produce power to the light from dusk till dawn.

Both systems offer real-time remote monitoring via an
Internet connection on every pole, where detailed performance analytics,
troubleshooting and system updates can be administered from anywhere in the


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