Emeren Acquires 10.76 MWh Energy Storage Power Stations in China

By Editor


Emeren Group, a global solar project developer, has announced the acquisition of a 10.76 MWh energy storage power portfolio from Kunneng Smart Energy Service Group.

Kunneng Group specializes in offering comprehensive solutions within the renewable energy industry, including solar, energy storage, power sales, and carbon asset management in China. The acquired portfolio, situated in Zhejiang Province, encompasses six energy storage power stations operating under Energy Management Services agreements.

This acquisition positions Emeren to capitalize on return on investment primarily through energy arbitrage while also anticipating additional revenue streams from diverse Virtual Power Plant (“VPP”) scenarios.

Presently, all six storage facilities are seamlessly integrated into a VPP platform owned and operated by Huaneng Power International, an independent power producer (IPP) and one of the leading operators in China.

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