Enact Solar Unveils Groundbreaking Update to Solar Design Software, Revolutionizing Installation Processes

By Editor


Enact Solar, an innovative digital platform transforming the landscape of solar and energy storage projects, has announced a significant enhancement to its Solar Design software, marking a pivotal moment in streamlining the installer experience.

In an industry boasting over 3 million solar installations across the United States, the installation process has historically been marked by high costs and a lack of efficiency and transparency. Enact’s Solar Design Installer software emerges as a game-changer, catering to sales and installation professionals by providing an all-in-one cloud platform that simplifies and accelerates every phase of the solar and storage journey.

The updated 2024 version of Enact’s Solar Design software empowers installers by harnessing data to swiftly craft more precise project designs. Its cutting-edge features encompass effortless 3D modeling and automatic detection of height and pitch, significantly reducing the necessity for on-site visits prior to sales.

Utilizing high-resolution satellite imagery, Enact’s platform optimizes shading analysis, pinpointing roof panels with suboptimal solar-access values. The software further augments proposals by furnishing installers with detailed hourly simulations of solar and storage charging cycles and strategies. Notably, Enact expedites the contract signing process through the integration of e-signatures, customized contracts, and dynamic pricing data, streamlining the overall sales workflow.

Enact’s two-sided platform not only facilitates customers in procuring solar and storage systems but also provides invaluable support to solar installers through an integrated cloud software platform. This holistic approach not only enhances the consumer experience but also empowers installers to design and manage projects efficiently, contributing to accelerated sales pipeline growth and seamless project execution.

The updated Solar Design software represents a paradigm shift in the solar industry, equipping installers with unparalleled tools and resources to navigate complex installations with precision, efficiency, and heightened accuracy, ultimately fostering the wider adoption of renewable energy solutions.

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