Energea Completes 12 New Community Solar Projects in Brazil, Expands Reach to Rio de Janeiro

By Editor


Energea has announced the completion of 12 new projects in its Community Solar portfolio, expanding its reach to the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. These projects mark a milestone in Energea’s mission to provide clean and efficient energy solutions across the country.

One notable feature of these newly completed projects is their ability to provide power remotely, offering clean energy to customers throughout Rio de Janeiro. Among the notable clients benefiting from this initiative is Orla Rio, renowned for its iconic kiosks along the famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, reflecting the city’s commitment to sustainability.

Spanning smaller areas compared to previous projects, these community solar installations complement larger assets primarily situated in Minas Gerais. Covering between 35 and 50 acres each, the addition of projects in Rio de Janeiro underscores Energea’s dedication to diversifying its Brazilian portfolio and ensuring equitable access to renewable energy across regions.

Situated in Patidos Alféres, north of Rio de Janeiro, these projects demonstrate efficiency and speed in renewable energy construction, with each being built and interconnected in less than 60 days. This rapid deployment underscores Energea’s commitment to providing swift and effective energy solutions while offering immediate cash flow benefits to investors.

Mike Silvestrini, Managing Partner at Energea, emphasized the significance of the company’s expansion into Rio de Janeiro, stating, “No Brazilian portfolio would be complete without projects in Rio, and now we’re not only a part of this vibrant city but also a contributor to its clean energy future.”

With the completion of these 12 new projects, Energea further solidifies its position as a leader in the renewable energy sector, expanding its presence beyond the United States and South Africa to make significant contributions to Brazil’s sustainable energy landscape.

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