Energy Development expands capacity of Landfill Gas to Electricity plant in Taylor County

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Energy Development expands capacity of Landfill Gas to Electricity plant in Taylor County

Greentech Lead America: Energy Development has completed
the expansion of its Landfill Gas to Electricity plant located on Veolia’s
Taylor County Landfill in Mauk, Georgia. Facility was expanded from 4 MW to 8
MW of renewable electricity. The expansion makes it largest Landfill Gas to Electricity
facility in Georgia.

Energy Development has entered in to a 15 year Power
Purchase Agreement with Green Power EMC to sell the renewable power generated
by this facility.

“Energy Development is proud to be a partner with Green
Power EMC and Veolia ES Solid Waste on this project. The Taylor County
expansion fits in with our strategic growth plan to capitalize on existing
renewable assets while expanding our U.S. renewable portfolio through the
development of new greenfield sites.” Energy Development currently has over 90
MW of installed renewable generation in the U.S. utilizing only landfill gas as
the fuel source,” said Steve Cowman, president and CEO of Energy

Landfill gas, which is created when organic material
naturally decomposes in a landfill, consists of about 50 percent methane. A
reliable and readily available local alternative to fossil fuels, landfill gas
can be converted to generate electricity, heat or steam, or used as an
alternative vehicle fuel.

“Our first energy purchase began in 2003 at the Taylor
County Landfill resulting in the entry of Georgia’s cooperatives into the
renewable energy market. This 4 MW expansion brings Green Power EMC’s portfolio
of renewables to over 28 MWs. Green Power EMC is actively pursuing successful
approaches to increasing the supply of renewable energy for Georgia’s EMC
members,” said Jeff Pratt, president of Green Power EMC. 

Green Power EMC adds 150 kW solar facility

Green Power EMC recently added a 150 kilowatt solar
facility inWarner Robins, Ga. to its energy portfolio. The facility will
bring Green Power EMC’s total renewable generation to 28 MW. The facility will
provide 4.7 million kWh of solar energy to the power grid over its projected
25-year lifetime.

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