Enphase Energy partners with Technology Credit Corporation

Enphase Energy, a provider of micro-inverter technology for solar industry, and Technology Credit Corporation (TCC), the financial products and services firm, are jointly offering financing packages for installer-integrators and customers in solar commercial solar PV market, especially for small to medium category.

Based in the U.S., TCC already finances 300 commercial PV systems. Their financing approach that incorporates leases and power purchase agreements which fast-track customer ownership has been successful among nonprofit customers.

Jeff Loebbaka, senior vice president, worldwide sales, marketing and customer support, Enphase, said, “As a company that is rapidly growing its commercial solar business, Enphase actively seeks out financing partners that can help expedite the deployment of PV systems.”

Loebbaka says financing programs for the small to medium commercial market are especially challenging and traditionally underserved. “TCC’s expertise in providing attractively priced and creatively structured financial packages to commercial installers and customers help fill a gap in the market.”

Mental Health Kokua, a nonprofit health organization is one of the new solar customers benefiting from the Enphase-TCC partnership. By combining TCC’s financing policy with the Enphase micro-inverter-based system, it was possible to install 270 KW of PV arrays on 28 Mental Health Kokua’s property on four islands.

Many buildings had challenging rooflines and shading issues, but by using Enphase with different azimuth and roof pitches, maximum output for the system was achieved. The flexibility of the program with Enphase and TCC helped in bringing financially a positive solution for the organization, said officials at Mental Health Kokua.

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