ET Solar joins hands with UNICEF for Child Welfare Project

ET Solar has announced the launch of a field trip with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for Child Welfare Demonstration Project (CWDP) located in Zhaojue County, China.

UNICEF plays a major role in habitat environment of children around the world.

ET Solar, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility has partnered with UNICEF to provide financial support for CWDP from 2013.

The devoted fund is used in promoting Child Welfare Directors’ work that consist of home visits, education, health care and group activities for children.

The volunteers visit children’s families, participate in group activities with them, and communicate with officials during a field trip to get an insight into the work impact on children’s lives and challenges faced by them.

At present, 10 out of 268 villages in Zhaojue County are chosen as CWDP sites and all 4,887 children are supported by the village Child Welfare Director.

The children get a monthly allowance for living, schooling, and for building or fixing up homes. Each village has a place for children to play, interact and learn together.

In 1979, UNICEF officially began its cooperation with the Government of China to support child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation.

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