EthoSolar in pact with TecnoSun Solar to produce solar tracking systems

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EthoSolar in pact with TecnoSun Solar to produce solar tracking systems

Greentech Lead America: EthoSolar and its sister company
TecnoSun Solar Canada have signed a strategic agreement with TecnoSun Solar, a
German manufacturer of solar tracking systems for commercial and industrial

As per the agreement, EthoSolar will manufacture solar
tracking systems by using TecnoSun’s technology at its Ontario facility for the
Canadian market. While TecnoSun Solar Canada will be responsible for
manufacturing and wholesale for
application, EthoSolar will manage commercial rooftop

TecnoSun claims that its technology allows efficient and
space saving installation of commercial rooftop and solar park tracking systems
that cost less and operate efficiently than competitive alternatives.

“We are excited to bring this new, innovative solar
tracking technology to the Canadian marketplace. It is TecnoSun Solar Canada’s
intention to begin manufacturing in Ontario within the next few months, thus
creating more renewable energy jobs as a result of the Green Energy Act. The
Ontario Power Authority will soon release the new rules of FIT 2.0, and we look
forward to strengthening our solar industry in the province with an opportunity
to export product to other countries as well,” said Ken Rounds, chairman
of the board of EthoSolar.

TecnoSun Solar Canada is currently vetting locations for
an Ontario manufacturing plant and expects to be in production by autumn 2012.

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