Europe placed No 1 in the global CSP market

Europe is the leading market for global Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in terms of installed capacity, reports Research and Market Survey.

This is followed by North America which also has established numerous concentrated solar power energy installations across the country.

The governments in the European region are providing incentives and rebates for attracting investors to the market.

For the North American region, the U.S is considered as the major player in the CSP market.


The U.S government is focused on reducing their greenhouse gases emission and is investing in the research and development of alternate sources of energy.

The European crisis is a major challenge that affects the growth of CSP market.

The research provides detailed analysis of companies dealing in concentrated solar power trend analysis and demand forecast by geography.

The report has included Porter’s five forces model to analyze the buyer’s power, supplier’s power, overall attractiveness in market and level of competition within the industry.

Value chain has been included to analyze entire process of installing a CSP plant from raw material to furnished product with respect to the raw material provider, manufacturer, developer and suppliers.

The value chain for concentrated solar power study encompasses all the stages of setting up the systems and its applications.

Key product market segments estimated in this study include Parabolic Trough, Tower, Fresnel and Dish Sterling. Parabolic Troughs is the dominating technology among all for power generation at commercial level.

Some of the key market participants that deal in Concentrated Solar Power market include Abengoa Solar, Ibereolica, GDF SUEZ, NextEra Energy, and BrightSource Energy. The report provides an overview of these companies followed by their business overview, business strategies, SWOT analysis and recent developments.

This research is designed to estimate, analyze and forecast the market volume (MW installed) and revenue (USD Million) for the concentrated solar power market.

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