First Solar in pact with Ingenero to serve commercial off-grid markets in Australia and APAC

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Greentech Lead Asia: First Solar recently collaborated with Ingenero to provide a joint offering to the commercial and off-grid solar markets in Australia and Asia Pacific region.

Ingenero has an established footprint in the commercial and off-grid space having constructed Australia’s largest rooftop solar PV system at the University of Queensland in Brisbane and a number of ground-mounted solar PV systems in Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Pacific Islands.

First Solar  has constructed some of the largest utility-scale solar projects, including Australia’s first utility-scale solar farm, the Greenough River Solar Farm, and has established a strong local supply chain in Australia.

First_SolarUnder this partnership, First Solar and Ingenero will also jointly target diesel fuel replacement opportunities in Australia’s off-grid sector, reducing operating costs for mining companies and providing an alternative source of power generation for communities throughout regional Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The collaboration with Ingenero helps First Solar better position itself to meet the needs of the commercial and off-grid solar markets in Australia and Asia Pacific.

First Solar’s primary focus has been utility-scale projects. This collaboration will provide the company with additional origination and execution diversity in medium-scale projects.

Additionally the First Solar/Ingenero collaboration will provide bankable and economically viable solutions to existing and future customers through the delivery of high-quality service and components as well as innovative, fully-engineered solutions tailor-designed for each project.

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