Funding in solar sector in Q1 2023 reaches $8.4 bn in 42 deals

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Total corporate funding — including venture capital (VC) funding, public market, and debt financing — into the solar sector in Q1 2023 rose 11 percent to $8.4 billion in 42 deals vs $7.5 billion raised in 49 deals in Q1 2022.

Quarter-on-quarter growth was 55 percent vs $5.4 billion in 44 deals in Q4 2022, Mercom Capital Group said in its report.

VC funding for the solar sector in Q1 2023 touched $2.1 billion in 18 deals vs $1.5 billion in 18 deals in Q4 2022.

The top VC-funded companies in Q1 2023 were: Silicon Ranch, which raised $375 million; Amarenco, with $325 million; Enpal, with $234 million; Palmetto, with $150 million; and Silfab Solar, with $125 million.

Of the $2.1 billion in VC funding raised in 18 deals during Q1 2023, 64 percent went to solar downstream companies with $1.4 billion in 10 deals. In Q4 2022, solar downstream companies raised $1.3 billion in 12 deals (85 percent of $1.5 billion in VC funding).

Public market financing in the solar sector fell 8 percent to $2.3 billion in seven deals in Q1 2023 vs $2.5 billion in four deals in Q1 2022. There were four IPOs announced in Q1 2023 against one announced in Q1 2022.

Announced debt financing for the solar sector in Q1 2023 totaled $3.9 billion vs $3.7 billion raised in Q4 2022. In a YoY comparison, debt financing increased by 3 percent with $3.8 billion raised in 19 deals in Q1 2022.

Two securitization deals brought in $482 million in Q1 2023, a decline of 44 percent compared to $868 million raised in four deals in Q4 2022. Year-over-year, securitization dropped by 56 percent compared to $1.1 billion raised in four deals in Q1 2022.

A total of 27 solar M&A transactions were recorded in Q1 2023 compared to 38 in Q4 2022. In a YoY comparison, there were 29 solar M&A transactions in Q1 2022.

Solar downstream companies led M&A activity with 26 transactions, followed by a balance of system company with one transaction.

Almost 12 GW of solar projects were acquired in Q1 2023 compared to 14 GW in Q4 2022.

Investment firms and funds picked up over 4.8 GW of projects. Project developers and independent power producers acquired 3.9 GW of projects. Electric utilities acquired 2.2 GW of projects, and oil and gas majors acquired 200 MW of projects.

Three hundred and eighteen (318) companies and investors are covered in this 90-page report, which contains 66 charts, graphs, and tables.

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