GameChange Solar Sets Up Training and Service Center for Genius Tracker in Cape Town, South Africa

GameChange Solar Training Facility in Cape Town, South Africa

GameChange Solar (GCS), a provider of solar tracker and fixed-tilt racking technology, has unveiled a specialized training, service, and technical support center exclusively dedicated to its Genius Tracker solar trackers in Cape Town, South Africa. This new facility aims to serve as a hub for comprehensive training, support, and equipment provisions for solar energy projects in the region.

The center, strategically situated in Cape Town, the epicenter of the South African solar industry, is staffed with proficient local experts. These experts are poised to conduct hands-on training sessions for EPC companies and installation technicians, covering the intricate construction and assembly of the Genius Tracker components.

Additionally, the site houses a warehouse stocked with GCS equipment, ensuring swift and efficient support for ongoing and upcoming projects across the region.

Russ Bowden, Regional Director for Southern Africa, emphasized the significance of localized training and service, affirming the center’s capacity to deliver superior support for solar project owners and EPCs throughout various project phases. The move reflects GCS’s commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of its customers in the region’s burgeoning solar industry.

Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer for GameChange Solar, highlighted the company’s growth trajectory in South Africa since its market entry in 2021. The establishment of the training and service center in Cape Town marks a significant milestone, underlining GCS’s dedication to offering cutting-edge technology with minimized installation and maintenance costs.

The Genius Tracker boasts a design enabling rapid installation through preassembled Speed Clamps. Furthermore, its operational efficiency is augmented by innovative features like WeatherSmart and SmartStow, optimizing tilt during overcast conditions and reducing downtime during severe weather for enhanced power production.

Africa holds vast untapped solar potential, accounting for 60 percent of the world’s prime solar resources, yet only 1 percent of solar generation capacity. Projections from the International Energy Agency (IEA) suggest a substantial increase in Africa’s installed solar power capacity, estimated to surge from approximately 5 GW in 2020 to over 25 GW by 2040. GCS’s investment in localized expertise and support aligns with the region’s expanding solar ambitions, paving the way for accelerated solar energy adoption and utilization across Africa.